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Advanced Audio & Video Recorders with Complete Features

Record court proceedings conveniently using our court recorder at Valley Office Machines in Charlottesville, Virginia. We offer a digital recorder called Digital Audio/video Recording, a specialized product that's used by court clerks, reporters, transcription agencies, and law enforcement personnel.

Low-Maintenance Digital Recorder

The Digital Audio/video Recording family of products has many useful features which you can take advantage of. Listed below are just some of its benefits:

• Minimal Training & Ease of Use
• Built-in Data Loss Protection
• Elimination of Lost Records from Broken or Damaged Tapes
• Having the Convenience of Storing Paper-Thin CDs Compared to Bulky Cassette Tapes
• Decreased Cost of Producing Transcripts
• Lower IT Maintenance Costs
• Streamlined Workflow & Transcription Production Process
• Decreased Off-Site Storage & External Media Costs
• Decreased Equipment Maintenance Costs & Record Retrieval Process

FTR Gold Software

Transcribing Files Onto CDs

Transcribe with Ease

Digital Audio/video Recording is normally used by reporting agencies for their digital reporting and transcribing needs. Once a court monitor, court clerk, or electronic court reporter (ECR) has captured the record of a trial or hearing using Digital Audio/video Recording Reporter™ or Digital Audio/video Recording ReporterDeck 2, he or she can easily assign audio and video transcribing tasks to an independent transcriber or transcription and reporting agency using The Record Online. Then, the transcriber will use TheRecord Player™ to transcribe the recording. It has an easy-to-operate playback program that helps transcribers find information instantly without the need to fast-forward and rewind cassettes.

Take Note of All Your Business Meetings

Managing minutes of a meeting can be a hassle. This is why county clerks use Digital Audio/video Recording  Minutes to record meetings and create minutes at the same time. It allows you to write minutes in Microsoft™ Word using your chosen format instead of the old template. Furthermore, with its "confidence monitoring" feature, you can play your video while you're recording. Using Digital Audio/video Recording Minutes will not disrupt the established and accepted procedures in your organization.

Label Important Events

Digital Audio/video Recording Minutes also allows you to organize your recordings with ease. With Digital Audio/video Recording Minutes, you can record a meeting and insert time stamps to note specific occurrences, such as:

Start of the Meeting | Roll Call | Discussion on Each Item on the Agenda | Discussion on Each Issue | Voting

Court Proceedings

Courts throughout the world choose Digital Audio/video Recording digital recording solutions. It's easy to learn how to use the product, so you can conveniently share information during court hearings without any problems. Using the product also allows you to minimize the use of paper, increase storage space, and decrease expenditures on storage media.

Law Enforcement

Apart from being useful in court, Digital Audio/video Recording is also useful for law enforcement. Its advanced technology allows you to record interviews with suspects, take statements from witnesses, and create forensic investigations and coronial reports immediately and accurately. Contact us today for more information on our products.